MICROSOFT EXCEL 2010/2013/ 2016/2019/365 : ADVANCED

Course Objectives

The course should teach learners advanced formatting techniques, such as using custom styles, conditional formatting, and themes to make their spreadsheets more visually appealing and easier to read.

Participants will learn how to use advanced functions and formulas, such as IF functions, date and text functions to perform complex calculations and analysis. Advanced data analysis techniques, such as creating pivot tables and pivot charts, using data validation and sorting, and creating scenarios and goal seeking will also be covered.

The course also teaches how to collaborate with others on spreadsheets, including protecting and sharing workbooks, tracking changes and comments, and merging changes from multiple users.

Course Outline

Module 1 : Logical Functions

Module 2 : Pivot Tables

Module 3 : Data Validation

Module 4 : What If Analysis Tools

Module 5 : Working With Data From Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks

Module 6 : Text Function

Module 7 :Data Function

Module 8 : Auditing Formulas in Worksheets

Module 9 : Passwords & Security